TAL PROJECTO - PROJECTOS, ESTUDOS E SERVIÇOS DE ENGENHARIA, LDA, is a firm of Consulting Engineers established in July 1985 with a high reputation in the field of Special Structures. Based in Lisbon in fully owned offices at Av. Infante Santo, 70 – I, 1350-180 LISBOA, it has a core of highly dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to providing excellent service to its Clients.

At TAL PROJECTO there is a clear awareness that a job is not finished upon completion of the design stage. Support during the construction stage can often be crucial in ensuring the successful completion of the Project. Frequent visits to site, clarification of drawings and specifications, and a constant dialogue with the Contractor are considered fundamental to ensure that deadlines, quality and budgets are met or bettered. As a result of their exposure to the construction phase, our staff can appreciate the significant constraints and challenges faced by the Contractor during construction and are able to start design with the final objectives clearly in mind.

Its activity working in the design of special unusual structures has broadened its area of expertise as it has grown and expanded its Client base. Our Project records show a wide range of civil and building structures, ranging from bridges, large roofs, silos and water treatment plants to stadiums, sports and airport facilities, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The diversity in structural forms and specific requirements is also matched by the use of vastly different construction techniques and construction materials.