Ilhavo Regional and Maritime Museum – Foundations and structures for new buildings

Client: Câmara Municipal de Ílhavo
Consultant: ARX Portugal
Lead Contractor: Construtora Abrantina
Main quantities:
Concrete – 1670m³
Reinforcing – 255 tons
Structural steelwork – 72 tons
Slabs on ground – 1.750m²

Almada Theatre - Foundations and structures

Client: Câmara Municipal de Almada
Consultant: Contemporânea Lda
Lead Contractor: Casais
Main quantities:
Concrete – 4.740m³
Reinforcing – 722 tons
Structural steelwork – 240 tons
Slabs on ground – 2.400m²

Campo Pequeno Bullfight Ring – Roof structure

Semi-moveable circular shaped roof measuring 71.5m in diamater. The central part, with a dimater of 25.6m, is glazed and divided into 8 sectors which slide along the radius.
Client: Sociedade de Renovação Urbana do Campo Pequeno (SRUCP)
Architects: ENTREPLANOS, Lda
Lead Contractor: SOPOL, SA
Structural steelwork Sub-contractor: SIMI, SA
Main quantities:
Structural steelwork on the roof – 350 tons

Lisbon Casino – Foundations, excavation retention systems, concrete, steel and mixed structures

Client: Estoril Sol - Turismo Animação e Jogo, SA
Consultant: Fernando Jorge Correia, Sociedade de Arquitectura de Interiores, Lda
Lead Contractor: Consorcio de Empreiteiros – Mota/Engil e HCI
Main quantities:
Piling – 1065m
Contiguous piled retaing walls – 4100m²
Concrete – 8.360m³
Reinforcing – 1363 tons
Structural steelwork – 680 tons
Composite slabs on permanent metal formwork with shear connectors – 1.310m²
Slabs on ground – 6.980m²

Other projects:

“Sitio” Museum, Beja

Main Auditorium at Belem Cultural Centre
Portimao Shopping Centre – Structures for the 6 cinemas complex
Arts and Performances Centre, Figueira da Foz - Structures and foundations
“Coliseu dos Recreios” - Entertainment Centre – Stage structure steelwork and suspended lighting gantries
Carlos Manuel Theatre – Roof and stage structures. Services and other support facilities
Júlio Verne Theare Roof and stage structure
Nacional Theare in Oporto - Stage structure