Railway bridge over the Trancão River, Sacavém

Simoes and St Lourenço railway bridges over the Arunca Rier

Prestressed concrete deck planks suspended from a steel arch spanning 42m. Replacement of the existing bridge by sliding transversally the new one into position. Operation carried out over a single weekend during a 14.5 hours possession

Client: REFER, EP
Structural steelwork Sub-contractor: ELECTROFER
Main quantities (excluding temporary structures):
Concrete - 548 m³
Reinforcing and prestressing steel - 95 tons
Structural steelwork: – 101 ton

Road bridge over Muge Creek

Client: IEP – Roads Auhtority of Portugal
Consultant: Tal Projecto, Lda
Lead Contractor: Conduril
Structural steelwork Sub-contractor: Socometal
Structural steelwork – 60 tons
Structural steelwork framing for the deck – 105 kg/m²

Footbridge over the A1 Motorway at Geria, Coimbra

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