Railway bridges at “Gogos” and “Maçaínhas” - Refurbishment and strengthning

Client: REFER, EPE.
Main quantities:
Steelwork reinforcements – 261 tons
New structural steelwork – 45 tons
Micro piles – 330m
Concrete – 50m³
Reinforcing steel – 7 tons

Other projects:

MOBIL Headquarters, Lisbon - Structural strengthening to enable addition of new floors
“Londres” Hotel, Estoril - Foundations and column strengthening plus design of the 2 new floors
Lisbon Airport: Augmentation and strengthening of existing foundations and structures to enable alterations and additions to the Terminal buildings
Wharf No.3, Port of Setúbal - Strengthening of foundations and superstructure for construction of an extra floor. Project with STAP, SA.
GENERAL MOTORS Warehouse, Abóboda- Structural strengthening
Refurbishment and structural strengthenings to 20 buildings in the heritage listed quarter of Alfama, Lisbon
“Batalha” Hotel, Porto – Successful alternative to the tender design of the strengthening to the hotel structure
“Ilhavo” Maritime Museum - Alterations to existing foundations and structures to enable partial demolition of the building
Oporto Airport – Strengthening to the reinforced and prestressed structure of the old terminal building to enable construction of the new extensions