Technical and administrative staff:

    Civil Engineer

    Eng. Tiago Braga Abecasis | pdf
    Eng. João Francisco Cima Gomes | pdf
    Eng. Rui Miguel Soares Nunes da Silva | pdf
    Eng. Filipe Martins da Conceição | pdf
    Eng. Carlos Manuel do Vale Bicho | pdf
    Eng. Pedro Martins Lopes | pdf
    Eng. Tiago Pinto Ribeiro | pdf
    Eng. Francisco Korth Brandão Nunes da Silva | pdf

    Designers and CAD Technician

    Paulo José Tavares Ribeiro | pdf
    Nuno Manuel Leitão Biscaia | pdf
    António Jorge Tanchão Madruga
    Carla Sofia Afonso Gomes


    Isabel Alexandra Batista Antunes Pratas


16 networked personal computers
3 plan plotters for drawings up to A0 size
2 laser printers
2 bubble jet printers


Structural analysis packages ROBOT V Millennium, Sap 2000 and DYNA
Programmes for sizing and verification of reinforced concrete and steel sections. (including several developed in-house)
MS Office Suite

Designed by Rita Gomes